Wedding 01/07/17

RVCC was the perfect venue. We had a winter wedding and from the moment we walked on the grounds to look at it for the first time, we knew it would be where we would have our reception. Barbara and Amanda were outstanding. From the moment I started planning, Barb was offering sage advice on things that were unnecessary and she never let me lose my head. When we got last minute cancellations on our guests, she was accommodating and level-headed. She thought of everything. She gave me and my husband 10 minutes alone right after the ceremony to make sure we had a special few moments together during the day. Following that, my groom promptly stepped on my dress, breaking my bustle, and Amanda and Barb stepped in to pin up my bustle several times that night. They were always making sure I was having something to eat or drink and made sure we were always enjoying ourselves. The food was excellent as was the bar. RVCC was a dream and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.