Wedding 06/29/16

From the initial tour of the venue, to outlining the menu and coordinating the vendors right up to the exciting end of the reception itself, our experience with Barbara Cunningham, the event coordinator, was flawless. Barbara’s assistant, Amanda, was amazing as well. The venue itself provided for a great flow from the ceremony through the cocktail hour and into the reception. Each went smoothly and flowed into the next without a snag, thanks to the expertise and on point intuitiveness of Barbara Cunningham. We can’t say enough how significant her quiet coordination of everything ensured that out event was a night which will be remembered happily by all of our guests and especially our family. The venue was absolutely gorgeous. All of our plans were met to the high standards of our expectations . Barbara with the assistance of Amanda led the evening’s events with a certain subtly so that the direction was not obvious but yet it was very effective and efficient. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend booking this venue with this staff. If you are looking for a well run beautiful and happily memorable evening, this is the place.